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Getting a mobile home usually means enjoyment and holidays, but all too often owners find themselves stuck when it comes to reselling or renting out. Constraints too heavy, crippling charges ... before the dream becomes a nightmare, always get yourself good advice.


Cases where owners consider they have been misled, once the sale has been concluded and the transaction made, are unfortunately all too frequent They have virtually no recourse since the law does not cover all eventualities in this recent and confined domain. When a mobile home has been placed on a plot, rented out or resold according to variable rules, the management of the rented asset or its resale can encounter serious complications. So it is important to look at every criterion so that you know definitively what are the selling and operating terms.


What are the risks ?


  • Illegal lease
  • Concealed dilapidation
  • False calculation of depreciation
  • Security and insurance wrongly estimated
  • Asset impossible to resell or rent out


Have you thought of everything ?


You may be buying a mobile home privately or from a professional (camp site, caravan park, tour operator, local authority, recreation ground etc.). In every case, you should be given administrative documents for you to justify the considerable expense, to properly insure your asset, to give you legal coverage for risks related to the direct environment of the mobile home and to claim the VAT (20%) on the purchase price and on renovation or maintenance costs.


Think about it before buying


You need to know a number of rules and points to clarify whether purchasing is a healthy option. The aim of this article is not to hide away the right information, because the verification is free. But if the advice is wrongly interpreted, given the special nature of each individual case, you could miss a good opportunity. So we invite you to contact our services for a free analysis of the quality of the offer being made to you.


When should the verification take place ?


The MOBIL HOME SERENITY agency does not conduct surveys of sellers, nor does it dissect the small ads of its clients. The agency offers a free advisory service for reasonable use (2 consultations per year per buyer). When you are interested in a particular asset, and once you have contacted the seller, then we recommend an analysis before purchase. Our approach is preventive and consists in enlightening you on the major points according to the feedback you give us. These points concern the security of assets and persons, the contractual terms of the sale, your legal arrangements in view of income from rent.


A simple, rapid and useful response


You can access this service simply by clicking on the button below, and an advisor will give you an explicit response in return for the form you will have filled. This service is free and a response is guaranteed within 72h.


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