Récupération de la TVA

20% VAT recovery on your Mobile home

After having acquired your Mobile Home in a campsite or Residential Leisure Park, our LMNP tax experts will make their knowledge available to you so that you can reclaim the VAT on many different expenses, such as :

  • The purchase of your Mobile Home
  • The annual rental charge for the campsite plot
  • Equipment linked to the LMNP activities of your Mobile Home
  • All investments servicing your rental activity

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The only condition on eligibility : renting out your Mobile Home

As soon as you are generating income on the basis of your Mobile Home rental activity through the intermediary of an agency, a campsite or a network of individuals, you will become eligible for the LMNP tax status and able to take advantage of all the accounting and tax advantages this results in.

VAT recovery on your new or second-hand Mobile Home

Unlike traditional property assets (house, apartment), the reimbursement of 20% VAT is possible on the purchasing price of a new or second-hand Mobile Home (for second-hand Mobile Homes, please contact our LMNP experts to find out about eligibility requirements).

Récupération de la TVA
Récupération de la TVA

Total management of your LMNP file

At Mobil Home Serenity, our team will provide you with comprehensive support in the management of your Mobile Home for the duration of your rental activity. In fact, this approach requires the rigorous application of specific procedures which our LMNP experts will guarantee are correctly executed.

VAT refund on all your expenses

After free confirmation of your eligibility for the LMNP tax status, collection of the necessary administrative documents and your approved subscription to Mobil Home Serenity, our team of experts will assist you in recovering the VAT on the purchase of your Mobile home, but also on all the investments linked to your LMNP activity (annual rental charge for the campsite plot, terrace, air conditioning, furniture, advertising, etc.).

Récupération de la TVA

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« Je tiens à remercier Mobil Home Serenity pour la récupération de ma TVA (en avance de ce qui était prévu) sur l'achat de mon Mobil home. Merci pour votre professionnalisme. Si des amis veulent acquérir un Mobil home et récupérer la TVA je vous recommanderez les yeux fermés car vous êtes très consciencieux dans votre travail. Merci encore pour tout ! »

Claudine B. 30/01/2018

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