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20% VAT recovery on your
mobile home


If you plan to rent out your mobile home, you can recover 20% VAT on your investment. This procedure, which is completely legal, requires you to follow rigorously the procedures that the MOBIL HOME SERENITY agency offers to handle.


Unfortunately this opportunity is not being offered to purchasers. This is because, though the law has been in existence for several years, taking advantage of it requires patience and a knowledge of administrative matters. Open air accommodation sellers and operators do not always have the expertise and time necessary to guide their buyers toward this process. And yet this law encourages investment and renting out, instigating the procedures for the new owner to regularly recover the VAT laid out in their investment.


How can you benefit from the procedure ?


From the moment your mobile home generates income from rent, either through an agency, a camp site or a private owners network, you can claim LMNP status (Loueurs en Meublés Non Professionnels, Non-professional renters of furnished property). As soon as you have completed the procedure to register, you will be able to recover the VAT, i.e. 20% of the purchase price of your mobile home, and additionally the VAT on all future investments to maintain or enhance the acquired assets (e.g. renting out a plot, purchasing a terrace, white goods, sheets, tableware etc.).


Don't wait till it's too late


Although you can register for the status of LMNP (Loueurs en meublés non Professionnels, Non-professional renters of furnished property) at any time, particularly if renting transactions are involved, the interested party being the public treasury, the main advantage of the procedure is to register early enough to recover the VAT on the mobile home purchase itself. Doing this will allow you to clarify the characteristics of the asset before purchase, and to make sure it meets all the requirements for it to be rented out, or resold in the future.


With MOBIL HOME SERENITY, the result is guaranteed


The MOBIL HOME SERENITY agency offers a backup service to future owners to make their purchase well managed and risk-free. Beforehand, the administrative steps followed afterwards by the transaction will be carried out 'by the book' by the agency with guaranteed efficacy. After a free check on eligibility, when the purchaser initiates this procedure with MOBIL HOME SERENITY, recovery of the VAT is guaranteed in 100% of cases when all the required items have been provided.


A MOBIL HOME SERENITY advisor handles your case


Once your have made your application through our services, beginning with the information sheet, you are looked after by a MOBIL HOME SERENITY advisor who will be your contact all through the process.


There are 3 essential steps :


  • The feasibility study on your application (free if refused)
  • Gathering the administrative documents, supervised and followed by your advisor.
  • Compiling the registration application (initiating the reimbursement)


Agency fees


The service including all the procedures for recovering the VAT, is based essentially on processing and analyzing information, and help in making the application. Our team follows your registration to activate the procedures, aiming for a reimbursement no later than 2 months after purchasing the asset (depending on which quarter the purchase is made in). The agency fee is calculated on a very simple scale. On the VAT recovered by you, the agency invoices a fixed amount depending on the price range of your mobile home :


To get your personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact our teams.


How do you find out whether you are entitled to a reimbursement ?


It is very simple to find out whether your situation entitles you to reimbursement of the VAT (20%). When you fill the information sheet, an advisor will tell you or you can ask for extra information. After this consultation, free and with no commitment, you will know your position and whether you want MOBIL HOME SERENITY to accompany you in compiling your application for reimbursement.