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If you're buying a mobile home, think MOBIL HOME SERENITY


20% VAT recovery <br />on your mobile home   No more scams !<br />Buy your mobile home<br />in security   Administrative backup for <br />your mobile home

20% VAT recovery
on your mobile home



If you plan to rent out your mobile home, you can recover the VAT (20%) on your investment provided you buy from a professional :


  • Camping or PRL
    (Residential Leisure Park)
  • Dealer
  • Reseller
  • An owner who has already opted for the status of LMNP (Loueurs en meublés non Professionnels, Non-professional renters of furnished property)


This procedure, which is completely legal, requires you to follow rigorously the procedures that the MOBIL HOME SERENITY agency offers to handle.


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No more scams !
Buy your mobile home
in security


Getting a mobile home usually means enjoyment and holidays, but all too often owners find themselves stuck when it comes to reselling or renting out.


Constraints too heavy, crippling charges ... before the dream becomes a nightmare, always get yourself good advice.


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Administrative backup for
your mobile home



You’re the happy owner of a mobile home that you’re going to rent out, or which is already earning you rent ?


So every year you have to make a declaration called "Liasse fiscale" (tax declaration) summarizing all your expenses and receipts for the year, and return it to the trésor public (state treasury).


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VAT is going up to 20% from 1st January 2014 on the recovery of VAT on the purchase of your mobile home


Mobile home buyers and renters: the change in VAT rate concerns you! From 1st January 2014 VAT recovery on the purchase of a mobile home goes up from 19.6% to 20%. You also recover 20% VAT on all the investments made for your mobile home.


Mobile-home-serenity is at your disposal for any information on recovering your VAT.


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« J'ai découvert MOBIL-HOME SERENITY lors de l'achat de mon MH à TOHAPI. Je dois avouer que je ne connaissais pas la LMNP. Avec votre aide, j'ai mis en place ce statut pour mon activité de location et maintenant tout ça fonctionne parfaitement. Avec "mon compte" sur la plateforme MH Sérénity, toute la gestion de mon MH se fait en un clin d'oeil. De plus, ... »

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