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In addition to ensuring you benefit from VAT recovery and the best taxation for your Mobile Home rental activity, our Mobil Home Serenity LMNP experts ensure that :
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Providing you with advice every day :

From the outset, our LMNP advisers are available to discuss your Mobile Home purchasing arrangements and to provide any further information you may require at no extra charge. The aim of this approach is to guide you towards the best possible solution for your purposes.

In addition, we warn you of all the possible risks Mobile Home owners may experience if they are not seek suitable support and guidance for their project. If you are not 100% sure about your investment, contact us to review your situation and to check the viability of your project to avoid finding yourself in one of these situations :

  • Illegal lease
  • Concealed obsolescence
  • Depreciation calculation distorted
  • Incorrectly estimated security and insurance requirements
  • Mobile Home is impossible to rent out or resell

Our approach is preventative and focusses on informing you about all major, relevant points based on information that you have previously provided us with. This information will include the asset security and the safety and security of people, as well contractual conditions of sale and the legal provisions for envisaging rental income.

Once you have become a customer, you will receive the ongoing support of our team. You can request bespoke, personalised advice based on your file from one of our advisers at any time and receive clear answers to any questions relating to the jurisdiction, taxation, management or rental of your Mobile Home, or VAT recovery.

Ensuring you are aware of best practices :

Mobil Home Serenity will support you and provide any assistance you may require to complete the necessary steps relating to the tax declaration that you are required to submit each year to the French Trésor Public authorities. This detailed review of your activity enables you to provide evidence of rental income resulting from the rental of your Mobile Home and also to list the expenses for which you can reclaim VAT.

To ensure that you have an eye on the accounting and taxation management of your LMNP status, it is absolutely vital that you have a thorough understanding of all the elements involved. To help you in this, we provide you with access to the Mobil Home Serenity online software (accessible 24h/24h), which you can use to scan, classify and save as digital copies all of the essential documents that we will need from you for your rental activity.

Being ethically irreproachable :

All of the Mobil Home Serenity services relating to your Non-Professional Landlord of Furnished Accommodation (LMNP) status are closely monitored and supervised by our Expert Accountant and Auditor, Mrs. Catherine Berton.

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At Mobil Home Serenity, a trusting relationship is a priority !

Suivi et accompagnement

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« J'ai adhéré après l'achat de mon Mobil Home et j'ai trouvé un professionnalisme et un accueil de grande qualité. Toujours disponibles et prompts à donner de manière claire toutes les indications utiles à la gestion de votre compte, tous les interlocuteurs vous chouchoutent pour vous guider dans vos premiers pas. Ce qui ne gâte rien, les outils du site sont très ergonomiques. »

GERARD B. 12/12/2017

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