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You are the happy owner of a mobile home that you're going to rent out, or which is already earning you rent. Through MOBIL HOME SERENITY as intermediary, you will have to fill a declaration every year summarizing all your expenses and receipts for the year, for the Trésor Public (State Treasury).


This is a sufficiently detailed activity report to justify the amounts received, and also to specify the expenses on which you can recover the VAT if your status allows.


The MOBIL HOME SERENITY agency offers to handle all the formalities specific to the LMNP status (Loueurs en Meublés Non Professionnels, Non-professional renters of furnished property).


The procedures are planned and followed. In addition, an advisor is always ready to listen to you if you have any questions relating to administrative management.


All our services are supervised by our
accountancy firm under the professional ethical responsibility of Catherine BERTON,
a certified accountant and auditor